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Your Gifts in Action: Peru

When you send a Bible and a wheelchair overseas to a child with a disability, the spiritual impact is life-changing for every member of the family. In Peru, Celia brought her son, Renato, who has cerebral palsy, to receive a wheelchair at our Wheels for the World distribution. Your prayers and generosity brought freedom and a renewed hope to Renato. God’s love was revealed to this son and mother… all because of your faithfulness!  

Ten-year-old Renato was in the hospital one week before our Wheels for the World outreach, and his mother, Celia, felt hopeless, exhausted, and overwhelmed. Renato’s father had left the family years ago for another woman. Celia knew that owning a wheelchair was an impossible dream because she could never afford it.  

That afternoon, Celia watched our team of volunteer physical therapists and mechanics tenderly and perfectly fit Renato into his very own wheelchair. Renato was in pain the entire day, yet waited patiently with a smile as his wheelchair was completed. A Bible was given to Celia and Renato in their language and the Gospel was shared by a local pastor. God bless you for stepping out in faith today and transforming a child’s life with a Bible and a wheelchair. Give generously today!