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Write the Name of Jesus

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson TadaEight years after my first cancer diagnosis, as you know, I’ve been diagnosed a second timeAnother round of treatment could have really brought me down, but this quotation has really bolstered my spirits: it’s from Charles Spurgeon and he wrote, “I know of nothing in which I could hold Pontius Pilate as an example to you, save in this one thing; he placed the Name of Jesus on the cross… Pilate, the vacillating governor, for once stuck to the truth, and would not be driven from it. Now… whenever you have a cross, write the Name of Jesus the King above it and stand on what youve written.” And friend, that’s exactly what I did. And because I constantly attached the name of Jesus to my trial – this cancer – this cross doesn’t feel heavy or burdensome.

So friend, whatever cross you are bearing today, write the name of Jesus on it! And stand on what you’ve written.


Joni and Friends Ministry Podcast

One of the places where families impacted by disability should feel most welcomed is at church. But when it comes to building an inclusive environment, people and churches often struggle with where to begin.

Listen as we talk through some of the barriers and challenges you may be facing at your church, and the first steps you can take to bridge the gap and include all people.