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World Radio Day

Shauna, Joni, and Rainey love sharing the Gospel and the hope of Jesus Christ on the radio each day.  Listen to today’s broadcast, and be inspired!

Right now, someone is crying out for a miracle, and God plans on answering that dear soul through the radio.

Tomorrow is World Radio Day, and it’s no wonder we have a whole day set aside to celebrate the power, the influence, and the global reach of radio. Through the radio, we are able to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8). We’re able to go before outreach teams delivering Bibles and much needed wheelchairs in order to prepare the way for the Lord and make straight paths for Him so that once we have boots on the ground, families affected by disability and church leaders alike are already familiar with Joni and Friends (see Luke 3:4-6). Through the radio, we’re able to share the Gospel in multiple languages so that one day people from every nation, every tribe and every tongue will be able to proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior (Revelation 7:9).

Here at Joni and Friends, we make it our goal to send outreach teams to as many developing nations as possible, and we’re expanding our global reach more and more each year. Still, there are countless families desperate for hope who are still waiting for their miracle. And the great news is that through our Joni and Friends Radio Ministries, we can send that hope to the farthest corners of the planet. Through the radio, the Lord allows us to go virtually everywhere – and stick around indefinitely! 

Currently, our Joni and Friends radio programs are broadcast 2,380 times a day through over 1,500 outlets across the United States. These life-giving messages are also broadcast in over 36 countries and in four languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin and Romanian. And it’s through all of these broadcasts that Jesus is changing lives. Just listen to what my friend Susan has to say about the impact of Joni and Friends radio in her life…

“Being blind, radio is my bread and butter. It’s how I get all my information. And I love Joni’s radio program because God uses it to encourage me daily. I love the way Scripture is weaved into every program; it helps me be more intentional as a Christian. Plus, it’s always introducing me to new people, thoughts and ideas. Through the radio, I’m reminded that I have nothing to complain about. It reaches me where I am…”

Susan is one of multiple thousands of listeners who know that radio creates a personal emotional experience with people because through the radio, we develop authentic relationships with one another. Through the radio we magnify God’s Word! And we know that God’s Word will never return void, but will accomplish all that the Lord desires by achieving the heavenly purposes for which it’s sent (see Isaiah 55:11). Now that’s a miracle! And to that we say, “Happy World Radio Day!”

Shauna Amick, M.Ed., serves as the Director of Radio Ministries at Joni and Friends. Her daughter Sarah, who has Down syndrome, is an integral member of her class at school and her Sunday school class at church.  

Listen to today’s broadcast, and be inspired!