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Work to Remember

The other day, my friend couldn’t quite remember the details of a story she was telling me. With a half-laugh, she said, “I must be getting old.”

Age might contribute to failing memory, but the truth is, we’re all forgetful! God already knows this, and it’s why He tells us over and over in the Bible to “remember.” And—because even that is sometimes a challenge on its own—God engrained reminders into the daily life of His people to make the remembering easier.

It’s why I’m grateful for holidays like Memorial Day. The very name speaks of the importance of remembering something very significant. And that something? The freedoms we enjoy cost a great deal… so, we remember the men and women who sacrificed their lives as they served our country. In the midst of all the activities of this “first day of summer,” strive to remember what this day was meant to be. And thanks for sharing, to help others remember, too.


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