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Where Disability is Seen as a Curse

The Luke 14 Project is transforming the lives of children and families living in isolation around the world.

As part of our monthly giving community, you are providing hope to the hurting in places where disability is seen as a curse.

In Haiti, a country faced with ongoing challenges of political turmoil and poverty, Louie Pierre Oujee was born with a disability—his legs were outstretched and he had no feeling below the knee.

Now 5 years old, Louie gets around by pushing on his hands through the dirt as he drags his body behind him across the ground. Isolated and rejected, this little boy has had to endure the unthinkable stigma and shame of having a disability in a culture where a physical impairment is viewed as a curse.

Louie’s parents live miles away in the capital city, Port-au-Prince, where they work to provide anything they can for their family. With his parents so far away, Louie rarely sees his mom and dad and he really misses them.

At home, Louie’s Aunt Valengie and her mom tend to Louie’s physical needs as best they can, but no one in the family can afford the wheelchair that Louie desperately needs to get out of the dirt and continue his education.

He dreams of one day being an economist, but without a wheelchair to use as he grows, Louie will be left behind.

In desperate need, Valengie and her cousin, Petier, brought Louie to a Joni and Friends Wheels for the World outreach. This was their only chance to get a wheelchair, an opportunity of hope for Louie. And because of your partnership in the Luke 14 Project, they did!

When Louie was fitted in his brand-new wheelchair, he could not contain his joy. A big beautiful smile spread across his face as he received even more – the Joni book in his language and a Bible filled with God’s truth and promises. Your partnership in the Luke 14 Project let Louie know that he is not alone, he is not cursed. You gave Louie a new life in Jesus!

Louie is now out of the dirt and has a message for you:

“I love my wheelchair—thank you! I will show my friends at school.”

This wheelchair has given him access to his community and the ability to continue his education. But through your generosity, he received the most important gift of all…the hope of Jesus! Louie now knows that he is beautifully and wonderfully made; he is loved by our Creator.

Thank you for being a friend to children who are rejected and isolated, like Louie. Each month through the Luke 14 Project, you are sending real hope to those who are lonely and broken.

Be a Friend to the Lonely and Isolated

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