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When Breast Cancer Came Knocking at my Door

When breast cancer came knocking at my door, I’m so relieved that my friends helped answer it. Actually, I shouldn’t say that breast cancer knocked, or even tapped on my door – it bulldozed right through it and turned my life topsy-turvy.

I underwent surgery, rehab, radiation sessions every day for seven weeks, a stash of pills, MRIs, scans… and that’s only scratching the list. Even now, after my last PET scan and a “No Evidence of Disease” report from my doctors, my life is not as it was before. Because my 2019 cancer was a reoccurrence of the original 2010 malignancy, they are watching me like a hawk.

And my friends? Well, they are watching me over, too. They are on this journey with me, no matter how difficult the changes. In this video for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I share how my friends have made a difference. Their help didn’t take a lot of time or effort, but it has cleared the way for me to embrace God with willful thanks.

You can journey alongside your friends, too, who are dealing with this disease. Share the video above with a friend fighting breast cancer, and let it kick-start a conversation on how you can help.

We Are Celebrating Joni!

Every birthday for Joni is a miracle milestone. And this year she is donating her birthday to raise funds so Joni and Friends can serve more people living with disabilities around the world!