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Volunteer with Wheels for the World 

Providing wheelchairs to people with disabilities around the world is only possible because of our many dedicated volunteers! And we have a variety of ways for you to volunteer hands-on. Through Wheels for the World, your desire to serve people with disabilities can take you around the globe… like to Peru where we recently met 11-year-old Milagnos who has cerebral palsy. After her mother passed away, she had to move in with her four older sisters, where she was confined to a back bedroom. Without a wheelchair, Milagnos had to wait on family to carry her everywhere. 

But one day, a visit from a local pastor changed Milagnos’ life forever. He told her family about a nearby Wheels for the World distribution where our volunteers gave Milagnos a beautiful sports wheelchair that fit her perfectly! With her new wheelchair lovingly fit by a volunteer physical therapistMilagnos gained independence and was able to participate in sports with her friends for the first time! 

Volunteering with Wheels for the World is the perfect opportunity to show the love of Jesus to someone like MilagnosIn an under-resourced country, a wheelchair given with the hope of Christ can literally change the course of someone’s life, providing the chance to have independence and community! 

Don’t miss out! Consider volunteering with Joni and Friends today! As a dear volunteer advises, “Pray about it and don’t be afraid of what you’re not familiar with. There will always be things that cause you to hesitate, but when you hear the Holy Spirit calling… go!” 

If you feel called to volunteer check out these upcoming Wheels for the World outreaches! 

Monterrey, Mexico

April 22 – April 29

As the fifth largest country in the Americas, approximately 7.5% of the population is disabled and 4.16 million people have mobility-related disabilities. Use your unique gifts to spread Christ’s love and provide the gift of mobility by applying today as a seating specialist (physical and occupational therapist) or support member on this Outreach trip. The team will distribute mobility equipment, share the gospel and equip churches in disability ministry.



Zhenjiang, China

May 18 – May 31

Join us as we serve people affected by disability in one of the world’s most populated civilizations. Use your gifts and talents to change lives for both now and eternity in the country of China by applying today as a seating specialist (physical and occupational therapist) or a mechanic on this Outreach trip.




July 26 – August 7

People with physical disabilities face unique obstacles in many parts of Ghana due to deep roots of tribal religions and witchcraft that perceive disability as a curse. A wheelchair not only increases opportunities for these people, but also helps them gain a sense of dignity and respect from others. Apply today to join our team of seating specialists (physical and occupational therapist) or a mechanic.


Sao Paulo Brazil

August 16 – August 25

Join us in serving people with disabilities in the diverse country of Brazil. On this outreach, you will have the opportunity to meet people who feel forgotten and trapped by poverty and offer hope by sharing God’s love and care for them. Join our team and use your gifts to serve as seating specialist (physical and occupational therapist) or wheelchair mechanic and work alongside our Brazilian partners to provide wheelchairs and Bibles to individuals affected by disabilities.