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The Simple Obvious

There is a story we hear over and over at Joni and Friends. It’s of a church that doesn’t think they can start a disability ministry. And yet, the more we talk with leaders, we learn that they already are hard at work helping a regular attender that has significant special needs. The church leadership doesn’t think of it as a disability ministry because they just see it as doing the obvious to minister to that specific person.

I thought of this the other day when I came across this news story about a community that just did “the obvious” in order to be better friends with a little girl in their neighborhood. Take a couple minutes to watch this video clip, and you’ll see what I mean. And then, if you or your church are ready to take the next step in “just doing the obvious,” pick up one of the Irresistible Church books for ideas!


Introducing Your Church to Special Needs Ministry

Start with Hello was written with the goal of introducing your church to disability ministry and training churches on how to lead a special needs ministry. Will your church open their doors and their hearts to individuals affected by disability?