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The Power of Radio

We’re so happy that God affirmed the value of Sarah Amick’s life all those years ago!  Today she shines a light on the Lord everywhere she goes.

Today, on World Radio Day, I find myself praising God for the way He uses radio to reach remote communities and the most vulnerable people among us – like those who are marginalized due to illiteracy, disability, or poverty.  I’m also truly grateful for the strong and specific role radio plays in emergency communications and disaster relief.  But most of all, today I’m thanking Jesus for the way He uses radio in my life.  Specifically, I thank God that He used radio as part of His plan to save the life of my little girl.

Fourteen years ago I learned through ultrasound that my baby had Down syndrome and a near fatal heart defect. And while our doctors knew my husband and I were committed to choosing life, they still pressured us to consider termination. In my head and in my heart there was only one choice. Nonetheless, it was hard. I found myself crying out to the Lord for a powerful and personal reminder that choosing life for my baby, Sarah Hope Amick, was what He wanted us to do. I mean, I knew all the Scripture verses telling me life is sacred. What I was begging God for was some sort of sign. A direct message from heaven. A miracle.

A few days later, I packed up my two other children and headed off to the mall, if for no other reason than to distract myself from all the worries and fears consuming me. To my surprise, both of those sweet toddlers fell asleep during the ride, and as I parked the car outside the mall, a voice on the radio captured my attention.

Now stay tuned because next we’re going to talk about what to do if you find out your unborn baby has a disability…

Time stood still. My heart beat faster. And for the next good while, I listened to the Holy Spirit speak directly to my soul about my unique situation in a way that was nothing less than custom designed by the very hand of God. The Lord had heard my desperate pleas for a miracle, and He answered me through the radio.

When the radio program came to a close, those two little ones in the backseat started to stir, and I knew it was time for us to head into the mall for a refreshing change of scenery. More than that, I knew that my family was safe in the arms of Jesus. He had spoken to me. I was given new courage, new confidence, new conviction. For the earth had been filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). And it had happened through the radio.

Shauna Amick, M.Ed., serves as the Director of Radio Ministries at Joni and Friends. Her daughter Sarah, who has Down syndrome, is an integral member of her class at school and her Sunday school class at church.  

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