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Give the Perfect Gift and Transform a Life

Finding just the right gift can sometimes be a challenge. However, for a child with a disability, what could be a more perfect gift than a wheelchair to show God’s love in a tangible way? Throughout the developing world, wheelchairs are either very expensive or extremely scarce. Thousands of children and adults are living without the independence and mobility a wheelchair provides.

Through Joni and Friends, just $150 sends a wheelchair and a Bible (in the recipient’s language) that will impact a life forever. This Christmas, your gift – in any amount – will make a difference!

See their stories below...

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Meet Melissa
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Life was hard for little Melissa. Imagine living your whole life dependent on someone else to move or to get out of the house. Ruth believed that her daughter’s disabilities were her own fault. She felt that God was punishing her—that he didn’t love her and Melissa.

But when Melissa received a wheelchair at our Wheels for the World™ outreach, her life was transformed.

Melissa experienced independence for the first time. Now she can go to school, move freely about the house, and help her mother in the kitchen.
Melissa and her mom were shown the love of Jesus that day, and Ruth felt her burdens ease as she learned the hope of the Gospel.

Give a disabled child like Melissa the gift of independence this Christmas. Give the perfect gift today.

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Meet Zoltan
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Zoltan and his mom, Gabby, live in the poverty-stricken village of Brasov, Romania. Born with cerebral palsy, Zoltan is unable to move freely, and has spent most of his life in the shadows of his home.

He relies solely on his mom to be his caregiver, his voice, his transportation. But Zoltan is growing, and his disability weighs heavily on his mom who can no longer carry him. When Zoltan received a wheelchair, his life would never be the same.

He was given the gift of mobility and the hope of the Gospel. No longer will Zoltan be hidden in the shadows of his home. He can go outside to be in the community, visit his grandmother, and go to physical therapy.

Give a disabled child like Zoltan the gift of mobility this Christmas. Give the perfect gift today.

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Meet Josleen
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In Haiti, a dark place overrun with political turmoil and poverty, Josleen’s mom was forced to transport her daughter in a wheelbarrow. She did her best to make it comfortable for Josleen, but a wheelbarrow is meant for dirt, not people...

When the Wheels for the World™ team carefully lifted her out of the wheelbarrow and placed her, for the first time, in a seat of dignity, Josleen’s life was transformed.

Here’s a young girl who's been ignored by society, never experiencing simple human interactions like a gentle touch, eye contact, or even a smile from others.

But that day, Josleen and her mom heard the Gospel for the first time, and Josleen was able to know that Jesus loves her and created her for a purpose.

Give a disabled child like Josleen the gift of DIGNITY this Christmas. Give the perfect gift today.

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Meet Puumi
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Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just 4 months old, Puumi knows too well the feelings of abandonment, shame, and isolation because of his disability. As a Buddhist, his mother believed his disability was a result of bad Karma. She couldn’t endure the shame and stigma, so she abandoned her son.

Grandma Wanida took him in. She sells noodles from her home to help cover medical bills, but a wheelchair for her grandson was an impossible dream…

At our Wheels for the World™ outreach in Thailand, Puumi was seated in his first wheelchair.

But Puumi received an even greater gift that day—the Gospel. He was given a Bible and now knows that he is loved by Jesus and created in His image.

This Christmas, give a disabled child like Puumi the gift of Jesus—the perfect gift today.