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The Importance of Community

No one is an island. We all need community. And for a family impacted by disability, having a community of support to share encouragement and help meet real needs can change everything. On today’s Mother’s Day episode of the Joni and Friends Ministry Podcast, Crystal talks with Cynthia Berry, a woman who has faced a series of challenges: she’s a single mom, an African American woman, and mother to a child with special needs. Through each challenge, Cynthia has found her lifeline of help and support through the community of her church. Listen as she shares what her community taught her about her son how each new challenge has deepened her faith in Jesus.

If you feel overwhelmed by your challenges today, please don’t self-isolate. Find a community of support and press in, even if it is uncomfortable. God has given us the local church to provide real community… and you have a story of hope that needs to be shared.

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Doing Life Together

Building Community for Families Affected by Disability

Do you want your church to be a place of belonging? Do you want your church to be Irresistible?

An Irresistible Church is an authentic community built on the hope of Christ that compels people affected by disability to fully belong. Doing Life Together will equip your church to serve families affected by disability, not only on Sunday mornings, but as part of a true community.

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