The Gospel in Hard Times

Resources to equip believers with a biblical perspective on hardship, suffering and disability.

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“When we trust God through life’s hardships and struggles, we find our own faith strengthened—and our friends and neighbors notice. When the church rallies around those in need and becomes a safe place to find hope and healing, the world takes notice. My prayer is that these resources will start that awakening within you and within your congregation.”

Joni Eareckson Tada

We all face hard times and brokenness, and the church should be a safe place to find real answers. Joni and Friends' new resources will deepen your understanding of God’s plan, by providing gospel answers to questions such as, “Why am I going through this?” and “Where is God when I need him?” From the pulpit to small groups and even in the children’s ministry, every area of the church will find help and hope in this collection of resources.

Resources include:

  • Small-group studies for adults and students
  • Video testimonies to enhance the small-group experience
  • Sermon outlines help pastors share a biblical view of hard times and suffering with the entire congregation
  • Children’s book with colorful illustrations to help explain disability and the value of every person
  • Minibooks address specific struggles such as disability in marriage, prenatal diagnoses, unanswered prayer and more.

The Gospel in Hard Times Small Group Studies

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Through eight engaging sessions, The Gospel in Hard Times small-group resources explore how a loving faith community—one body with many parts—can not only meet our needs, but also help us walk alongside others who are afflicted, disabled, and marginalized. Study guides include leader’s notes and discussion questions.

The Gospel in Hard Times Study Guide with Leader’s Notes
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The Gospel in Hard Times for Students Study Guide with Leader’s Notes
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The Gospel in Hard Times Videos
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Make It a Churchwide Emphasis with the Free Sermons

For the Entire Church

Pastors can use these sermons to lead their congregations to a deeper understanding of how to trust God through life’s hardships and struggles.

Help Your Kids See Value in Every Person

For Children

This colorful, fully-illustrated children’s book, God Made Me Unique, helps parents, teachers and caregivers teach children that God creates every person in the image of God and each individual has tremendous value, regardless of his or her appearance or abilities. This book will help eliminate fear and misconceptions about those who have special needs and emphasizes that every person deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.

God Made Me Unique
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Joni and Friends Minibooks provide personal insight & encouragement for tough circumstances

For Specific Issues

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For Better or Worse: When Disability Challenges Your Marriage

By Ken Tada 

Disability has a way of trying even the best of marriages. The cumulative effects of daily routines that never vary, social isolation, financial pressures, unmet expectations, and a life that is vastly different from most couples can wear on the spirits of the strongest husband and wife. Married to Joni Eareckson Tada for more than 37 years, Ken Tada shares that disability does not have to be the defining word in your marriage. Instead disability is an invitation for you and your spouse to depend on Jesus in your weakness and grow closer to each other than you ever thought possible.

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My Baby Has a Disability: Life-Giving Questions and Answers

By Shauna Amick 

Your world has just been rocked with news that the baby you’re expecting has been diagnosed with a significant disability. Your hopes and plans are crumbling—and fears and questions are rising to take their place. Shauna Amick shares her story of having a child prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. In the midst of her enormous questions and fears, Shauna learned that God has a one-of-a-kind purpose for every child—each one uniquely formed in his image. Shauna invites you to dream new dreams for yourself and your precious child.

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A New Normal: Learning to Thrive in Suffering

By Rebecca Olson 

How do you begin to piece your life together after it has been changed forever? When suffering waylays you, it doesn’t seem as if anything will ever be “normal” again. How do you take steps to move from surviving to thriving? This minibook will help you understand how to lean into Christian community and experience the blessing of sharing the comfort that the Lord gives you as you pour out your pain honestly before him. Suffering is an invitation to know the heart of Jesus and to hope in the restoration that the Lord will work on behalf of his children.

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Is God Listening? What if He Doesn't Answer?

By Dr. Dave Deuel 

Nothing in life is turning out the way you expected. You pray and ask for relief, help, and changed circumstances. But what are you to think when it seems like life is going from bad to worse? You wonder if God is even listening. Does he hear your cries for help? If he does, why doesn’t he do something? This book reminds you that God hears each cry for help, and he is not silent. He speaks to you through his Word—the Bible—and he acted to save you through the cross. Jesus offers us his unwavering presence and the promise that one day, those who trust him will be delivered completely.

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The Gospel in Hard Times Videos

Use these brief videos to engage study participants and spark discussion in your group. Each one features real-life stories of people facing hard times and how they have found hope in the gospel.