Joni and Friends Blog

Thank You for Praying!

Isaiah 46:4

God bless you for your heartfelt prayers for me as I underwent surgery Monday afternoon to remove a small cancerous tumor on my chest wall. Since it was a clean removal, my oncological surgeon is very optimistic. All went well, it was a small incision, and I am home and resting, feeling very hopeful and content. We now await the pathology report which, in turn, will determine the kind of treatment I’ll be receiving, whether radiation, chemotherapy, or some other medication (and since this most likely is a reoccurring cancer, I will have to have treatment).

I was absolutely overwhelmed by everyone’s prayers – and, oh, were they effective! Ken gave out lots of ‘Joni’s Story’ gospel tracts, reminding everyone who attended us (from the admissions desk to the pre-op nurses) that they were being prayed for. Ken even gave some books to a few of the staff. I also prayed with my anesthesiologist who seemed very fascinated with my general health, given my quadriplegia. Pray that God will use those gospel seeds to awaken in each medical professional, a true thirst for the Savior.

Everything went so smoothly, so quickly, that I felt every path was paved on your prayers. And after leaving the hospital? A very late lunch at Brent’s Deli :-). And thanks again for your intercessions… your incredible care and concern means more than you realize!