Pray With Us

Every day of the week, the Joni and Friends staff prays for our ministry, staff, volunteers, and ministry partners. 

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Day-by-Day Prayer and Praise

We invite you to join us in prayer for our ministry activities and outreaches. Thank you for bringing our requests before the Lord. 

January 2019

Week 1

Tuesday 1 Pray for God’s clear guidance and blessing as we enter 2019. May each person we encounter hear the clear message of salvation found in Christ and their intrinsic value as someone created in God’s own image and likeness for His glory.

Wednesday 2 Praise God for the generous response to our Director’s Dinners which will in turn bring love, resources, and hope to many communities in the United States and around the world.

Thursday 3 Joni and Friends New England: Praise God for the successful Wheels for the World trip to Thailand. Joining with our in-country partners and directed by the Spirit, many received the gift of mobility and the hope of the Gospel.

Friday 4 Joe has progressive MS and is struggling financially. Pray God guides him to a job that will use his gifts and accommodate his health concerns.

Saturday 5 Joni and Friends Mississippi: Praise the Lord for another sweet season of Christmas deliveries to individuals and families touched by disability throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Memphis, Tennessee.

Week 2

Sunday 6 Joni and Friends Tennessee: Pray for our partners in Guatemala and the local pastors they serve with who are taking the lead to promote additional International Family Retreats and Wheels for the World outreaches in their country.

Monday 7 Ministry Associate Janine Hults: Praise God for the disability ministry taking place through Campus Bible Church. Many were blessed by their Thanksgiving dinner outreach and several families received sponsorships for Family Retreat.

Tuesday 8 Joni and Friends Chicago: Pray for the registration and selection process to be led by God’s Spirit as families and volunteers begin signing up to attend Family Retreats.

Wednesday 9 Shermilla is a young woman with a disability who believes she has been the victim of witchcraft. Pray for divine intervention, Christian friends to encourage her, and God’s Word to speak louder than any other voice.

Thursday 10 Praise God for each person who volunteers with Joni and Friends, sharing their giving hearts, warm smiles, and all-in attitudes.

Friday 11 Joni and Friends New England: Pray for our Family Retreat leadership team as we look to God for His creative and effective plan for the 2019 season.

Saturday 12 Joni and Friends Missouri: Praise the Lord for helping us finish strong in 2018! He has blessed us with gifted new staff members and a better equipped office from which to reach out to our community. 

Week 3

Sunday 13 Joni and Friends Southern Oregon: Pray churches in the Pacific Northwest will be open to receiving disability ministry training so that many more families will be evangelized and discipled. 

Monday 14 Pray Jeri experiences the Lord’s comfort and excellent medical care to regain as much speech as possible after her recent stroke.

Tuesday 15 Praise God for times of reflection when we inventory what God has given us. The secret of contentment is wrapped up in simple gratitude for what God has already provided.

Wednesday 16 Pray for the typical siblings who sometimes feels neglected when parents have to spend significant amounts of time meeting the needs of their child with a disability. May God give parents the wisdom to foster a spirit of love within the entire family.

Thursday 17 Pray the Lord guides and inspires each of our staff as they implement our strategic plan for 2019.

Friday 18 Pray more lawyers will have a heart to assist people with disabilities in their legal needs.

Saturday 19 Kids’ Corner: Ask God to bring new and loving friends into the lives of children affected by disability.

Week 4

Sunday 20 Lyn has breast cancer and her husband recently asked her for a divorce. Pray he will recommit his life to Christ and their marriage be restored.

Monday 21 Pray for strength, stamina, breath, and a clear voice for Joni as she shares her hard-won lessons in the radio programs being recorded today.

Tuesday 22 Pray for God’s clear leading in the lives of each person who participates in a Cause 4 Life internship in 2019.

Wednesday 23 Praise God churches are reaching out to the teen and adult disability communities with programs like Young Life Capernaum and Friendship Ministries. Pray many more will feel welcomed and experience the love of Christ.

Thursday 24 Joni and Friends Minnesota: Pray for wisdom and guidance as we, along with the other Area Ministries, begin to form our Family Retreat leadership teams. May the key positions be filled, and the teams come together with unity and purpose.

Friday 25 Joni and Friends Pennsylvania: Ongoing prayer is needed for the relationships we are forming in China. God has been faithful to bring new partners who have similar goals for reaching out to the many underserved in the disability community.

Saturday 26 Joni and Friends Tennessee: Pray for wisdom and discernment as interviews are conducted for a new Church Engagement Manager. May God bring His person to complement our team for increased ministry opportunities.

Week 5

Sunday 27 Megan is a 42-year-old woman with MD who lives in Malaysia. Pray the Lord provides caring Christians to assist her in meeting her goal to live independently.

Monday 28 Joni and Friends Sacramento: Praise God for the incredible support we’ve received from our donors and volunteers making it possible to share God’s heart for families affected by disability in our churches and community.

Tuesday 29 Joni and Friends International Disability Center: As we anticipate a time of rich fellowship at our All Staff Conference, pray for travel mercies and meaningful times of learning, training, and strategizing as we trust God for His blessing in this new year. 

Wednesday 30 Pray for Lori to experience God’s comforting guidance and peace as she lives with significant pain after having a mastectomy.

Thursday 31 Church Engagement: As Area Ministries provide training for local churches to effectively embrace and include families affected by disability, pray these church leaders will begin meeting together in local networks for support, encouragement, and additional training.

"Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing Psalms."

James 5:13