Pray With Us

Every day of the week, the Joni and Friends staff prays for our ministry, staff, volunteers, and ministry partners. 

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Day-by-Day Prayer and Praise

We invite you to join us in prayer for our ministry activities and outreaches. Thank you for bringing our requests before the Lord. 

July 2019

Week 1

Monday 1 Joni and Friends Arizona: Pray with us for God to meet the unusually great need we have for volunteer Short Term Missionary during these summer months.

Tuesday 2 Joni and Friends New Mexico: As we host two Family Retreats this year, pray God uses the witness of our Short Term Missionaries to transform hearts, strengthen marriages, energize caregivers, and celebrate families affected by disability.

Wednesday 3 Pray for God’s guidance in filling the open positions for leadership in our Area Ministries.

Thursday 4 Pray many come to Christ during our 22 Family Retreats and our 9 International Family Retreats during July and August. May each attendee find ongoing love from a community of believers who will encourage them in their faith upon their return home.

Friday 5 Pray for God-given wisdom and energy for our Cause 4 Life leaders and humility of spirit as team members meet one another and prepare their hearts and minds for service during this summer’s internships

Saturday 6 Joni and Friends Tennessee: Praise God for His timely provision of volunteers for our upcoming Family Retreat. Please pray for the same divine equipping of Short Term Missionaries for our Wheels for the World outreach to Guatemala this fall.

Week 2

Sunday 7 Our nationwide intake of pediatric wheelchairs has fallen short of what we need. Pray for more opportunities for our Chair Corps volunteers to build relationships with additional children’s hospitals.

Monday 8 Our Family Retreats serve the whole family and offer individualized attention for both the family member with a disability and their siblings! Pray for wisdom as Short Term Missionaries and campers are paired for an incredible week of bonding.

Tuesday 9 Joni and Friends New England: Pray for unity and joy as US and in-country teams gather to serve families and share God’s “Good News” at the International Family Retreat in Thailand.

Wednesday 10 Pray more employers would see the individual strengths and abilities of each applicant without any bias against those who live with a disability. May God give favor to those wanting to support themselves through the use of their gifts and talents.

Thursday 11 Joni and Friends North Carolina: Praise God for His faithfulness during our Wheels for the World outreach in the Dominican Republic, where 91 people accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior!

Friday 12 Pray for travel mercies over each person attending and serving at Wheels for the World outreaches. Whether they come by plane, car, or wheelbarrow, pray they arrive safely and on-time.

Saturday 13 Pray for Steve and Vickie whose 23-year-old son, Jeremy, recently passed away. He lived with autism, was nonverbal, and changed the culture of their church with his faith.

Week 3

Sunday 14 Michael lives with schizophrenia and is now experiencing severe back problems. Pray God bolsters his spirits and strengthens his body in preparation for surgery.

Monday 15 Joni and Friends MN: Pray our meetings go well as we seek to partner with The Word radio station. May God use this partnership for greater visibility for and involvement from others in the mission and vision of Joni and Friends.

Tuesday 16 Joni and Friends MS: Praise God for the churches that are partnering with Joni and Friends through their Vacation Bible Study programs this year to raise funds for Wheels for the World.

Wednesday 17 Joni and Friends MN: Praise God for the 262 wheelchairs being delivered to our Joni and Friends restoration center at the Washington State Penitentiary. May each inmate come to a saving knowledge of Christ while offering compassion through the work of their hands.

Thursday 18 Pray each Short Term Missionary God calls will grow in their relationship with Him and return to their home churches to live out the message that every person is valued equally in God’s sight.

Friday 19 Pray for Joshua who suffers from an undiagnosed neuro-muscular disorder that causes tremors, constant pain, weakness, and a loss of mobility. Joshua loves the Lord and is praying for a sense of purpose.

Saturday 20 Joni and Friends Ministry Podcast: Please pray God uses the conversation from each episode to effectively help churches welcome and embrace people with disabilities.

Week 4

Sunday 21 Thank God for companies like FedEx who work with Joni and Friends to transport used wheelchairs from local collection sites to correctional facilities where they are restored and then used to bless many worldwide.

Monday 22 Joni and Friends Ohio: As we welcome families to a week of relaxation, reflection, and connection at Family Retreat, pray they are spiritually and physically refreshed, and that lasting friendships are established.

Tuesday 23 Joni and Friends West Michigan: Please pray for each Family Retreat pastor as they prepare messages to reassure and inspire parents who need God’s truth to hang onto in their day to day faith journey with Jesus.

Wednesday 24 Pray each Cause 4 Life intern gains a deeper understanding and knowledge of disability ministry by interacting with the Beyond Suffering curriculum and enjoying hands on ministry domestically and around the world.

Thursday 25 Pray for God’s abundant provision for those who will receive the Gospel and the gift of mobility through our Wheels for the World outreach to Ghana.

Friday 26 Joni and Friends Oregon: What a joy to host our Friendship Prom and celebrate our adult friends with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our prayerful hope is that the evening will be an opportunity to create lasting friendships and share the love of Christ.

Saturday 27 Joni and Friends Missouri: Praise the Lord for the new volunteers He is sending our way with the specific skill sets we need.

Week 5

Sunday 28 Joni and Friends Pennsylvania: May God give each family member, whether a first-time or seasoned camper, expectant and peaceful hearts as they prepare for and travel to our Spruce Lake Family Retreat.

Monday 29 Pray the families attending our Wounded Warrior Getaways will be changed forever. Many live with hidden wounds, such as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and others with visible wounds; but all need to know their priceless value in God’s eyes.

Tuesday 30 Peg was diagnosed with multiple myeloma last year and has suffered a fractured back, ribs, and hips, and is currently undergoing a stem cell transplant. Pray God gives her and her husband strength and grace during this difficult season.

Wednesday 31 Joni and Friends Mississippi: Please pray that our dedicated hospital visitation team continues to make meaningful connections, share the hope of the Gospel, and be enlivened to continue serving.

"Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing Psalms."

James 5:13