IRA Charitable Rollover

Act Now! Reduce Taxes and Increase Your Impact
with an IRA Rollover Gift to Joni and Friends

Joni and Friends supporters, age 72 or older, can get a tax break while supporting our many programs and services with an IRA Rollover gift.

Galen Lita Norsworthy Ira Charitable Rollover

“We wanted to do something for Joni and Friends and would rather the money go to ministry rather than to taxes so we gave a gift through our IRA. It’s an easy way to give and because it reduced our taxes, we were able to make a larger gift than we would otherwise have been able to make.”

—Galen and Lita Norsworthy

Benefits of an IRA Rollover Gift?

Benefit 1

Use all or a portion of your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) to make a gift to Joni and Friends and you don’t pay income taxes on the amount you donate.

Benefit 2

You can donate up to a total of $100,000 each year ($200,000 for married couples) and exclude the gift from your taxable income.*

Benefit 3

Increase your ministry impact to advance the Gospel and transform lives within the disability community, worldwide.

Benefit 4

Designate your gift to your favorite ministry program at Joni and Friends, including pledge payments and more.

Your charitable IRA rollover gift must go directly to Joni and Friends and not  any donor advised funds, family foundations or other supporting foundations.

We would greatly appreciate being informed of your generosity so that we can be prepared to provide a proper and timely IRS acknowledgment.

Learn more about retirement plan gifts.

IRA Rollover Page 2019 12

Jen is a 72 year old faithful friend who wants to make a gift to support our Wheels for the World™ Program

IRA Rollover Page 2019 7

Jen decides to make a charitable gift through her IRA to satisfy her RMD

IRA Rollover Page 2019 6

Jen makes her gift from her IRA directly to Joni and Friends

IRA Rollover Page 2019 4

She avoids paying income taxes on the donated amount

IRA Rollover Page 2019 2

Jen's gift reduces her taxes and increases her impact to our Wheels for the World™ outreach


You must complete your transfer before December 31st. Initiate your year-end transfer prior to December 1st to ensure that the transfer is completed by December 31st. Gifts made by IRA checkbook and received by Joni and Friends after December 15th may not arrive in time for the IRA custodian to count the gift as a distribution for the current year.

This information is not intended as tax, legal, or financial advice.
Please check with your financial advisor to determine how a charitable IRA rollover gift will impact you.

FAQs on the SECURE Act

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