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Spiritual Abuse

Do you know someone who has been wounded by the misuse of Scripture? Or excluded from the life of the church because they haven’t been miraculously healed? On the Joni and Friends Ministry Podcast, Crystal Keating is talking again with counselor Darby Strickland who teaches at Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation’s online School of Biblical Counseling and trains churches to care well for those affected by abuse.

Darby recently shared about trauma and how to care well for someone carrying wounds from a traumatic experience. This week, she’s sharing about another form of deep wounding: spiritual abuse. Listen as Darby explains some of the markers of spiritual abuse and what someone in the role of a “helper” should be aware of when walking alongside someone wounded by the misuse of scripture.

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Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused

Would you like to learn more about ministering to someone in the context of abuse? This free web-based training helps leaders understand and implement the best practices for handling a variety of abuse scenarios at church, school, or ministry.

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