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A Special Wheelchair for Jose

jose in his wheelchairMaybe you live in a house or apartment that has stairs. Do you ever count how many times you go up and down in a day? Jose is twelve and he has lots and lots and lots of stairs to climb to get to his apartment. His home is 14 stories up from the street! And there is no elevator for him to use. Can you imagine how tired you would be going up and down that many stairs every day? Now imagine you are Jose’s parents. Jose can’t walk and so his parents carry him up and down those stairs! Talk about getting tired! Jose’s parents knew that if they could get a wheelchair that wasn’t very heavy, it would be easier to slowly bump-bump up and down the stairs than to carry him all the way. But most wheelchairs are very heavy! And wheelchairs that are not heavy usually break if they are bumped around too much. But God had a very special wheelchair for Jose. It was just perfect for him! Jose lives in the country of Cuba and this week Joni and Friends is in Cuba again to help kids like Jose (and grownups, too). Download this information sheet to learn more.