Joni and Friends Blog

Smiles with a Message

Most people don’t expect me to smile. But in simply smiling, I have an open door to tell others about the reason I have for living life from this wheelchair. My friend Nick Vujicic is the same way. Nick is a wonderful evangelist and has visited dozens of countries — even countries typically hostile to Christianity ― to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. What makes this ministry possible? Nick was born without arms or legs and people can’t help but wonder where his smile comes from.

True, Nick and I have significant limitations, but we do not allow those challenges to dictate limits on who we are, what we can be in Christ, and what we do in the name of Jesus. And by doing so, we help shatter people’s perceptions about disability: we travel vigorously, keep a demanding schedule, enjoy our hobbies, and love our roles in our families. We both like to focus on what we can do, not what we can’t.

Focus on the Family’s Citizen Magazine recently published a piece on Nick Vujicic and in it, I speak more of the friendship we’ve enjoyed as we both use our God-given platform of brokenness to reach others for Christ. Read more about it in the article “Voice to the World,” and be encouraged to share the love of Jesus with others, no matter what your day-to-day challenges may be.