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Cancer Update: Renewal and Resurrection

Ever since the Woolsey fire back in November (the same month I discovered my cancer), I’ve been driving west on the 101 freeway to various medical appointments, most recently my daily radiation sessions. Lately, I’ve been awestruck by the bright, spring-green grass growing like a lush carpet over the blackened hills. The sight is a graphic reminder of renewal and resurrection, even in the aftermath of those tragic fires. That metaphor is not lost on me, for those lovely green slopes lining the 101 freeway tell the story of how God brings “beauty out of ashes” (Isaiah 61:3). In the same way, God is doing beautiful things through my cancer journey. Yes, those hills, like Psalm 121, tell me where my resurrection-Help comes from.

I’m more than three quarters of the way through my radiation sessions now. I was concerned earlier on, given that my breathing had become a little labored and I felt increasingly tired, wondering whether I should cut back on my treatments. But after zooming through 5 hours of recording radio programs, I experienced a Eureka moment: Hey, I’ve got more than enough air and energy! I’m fine! It was God’s assurance that I need not cut back on treatments, and should keep on going. And I will. And I will keep looking to God for my help.

Overall, I’m doing well, thanks to your prayers – call it hydroplaning, skateboarding, surfing, whatever, I am literally sailing above the pain of it all, holding fast to the hope found in God. Romans 15:13 assures me that as Ken and I trust in God, He will fill us with all joy and peace. Not just some, but all joy and peace. Can you believe it?! I am overflowing when it comes to the joy and peace of Jesus. It’s what trusting Him through difficult times will do!

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