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Who Am I? Rediscovering Your Identity After Loss

“It was kind of a shock [to hear] ‘your lifting days are over.’ I had been training 4-5 days a week since I was 18. Fitness, lifting, activity; it was my life. My identity was all wrapped up in physicality, training, and ability.” 

When someone is talented and works hard, it can be pretty easy for them to begin finding their identity in their abilities or success. But what happens when all of that is stripped away? Where do you find your identity when everything you thought you could control … your health, your strength, your goals… is gone?

At the height of his successful career in the health and fitness industry, Jimmy Peña encountered sudden health challenges that he never would have predicted for his life. He quickly transitioned from being steeped in the world of strength and fitness to a world of weakness, smallness, and total dependence on God. Listen as Jimmy shares his journey through loss of identity and finding wholeness in Christ.


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Read Jimmy’s devotional about suffering the loss of identity and finding wholeness in God. When we focus on our abilities or lack of abilities, we can lose ourselves. Sometimes we can think that if we’re not whole, we’re not “us” – especially after a loss. But with God, we are whole.

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