Miracle Chairs

  • March 5, 2014
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The God of the Bible is a God who provides. This is the story of God’s miraculous provision for a very specific wheelchair.

Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada and those places can occasionally be back rooms where we store the wheelchairs on a Wheels for the World trip. Like the miracle that happened in Ghana, West Africa. It was nearly the end of the day and we had been fitting disabled people to their new wheelchairs all day long—and as you know, we often have to cut off foot rests, shorten back rests or widen seat supports, all kinds of stuff to make certain each wheelchair is a custom fit.

Well, as I said, it was the end of the day and a disabled woman came in who needed a particularly large wheelchair. Our physical therapist said, "No, I'm sorry, ma'am, but we're all out of large-sized wheelchairs." Still, the woman with the disability begged and pleaded, asking us for a wheelchair, please. Finally, to appease her, our physical therapist walked into the back storage room where there were a few remaining chairs plus wheelchair tires and extra footrests and seat cushions. And, lo and behold, behind one pile sat a wheelchair. The therapist was so surprised. Well, she must have missed it earlier and so, we were able to provide a wheelchair and a Bible to this dear woman. She went away so glad.

But as she was leaving, another disabled person arrived as well. "I am so sorry," our team members said, "but we've already given out all our wheelchairs." This person's family explained that they had walked so far and couldn't we please help. Well, we went back into the storage room and, you'll never guess, there was a chair back up against a sidewall where no one had seen it before. We were amazed that God provided it! And, in fact, a few jokes began circulating about multiplying the oil in the jar – you know that miraculous story from the Bible.

Finally, as we were cleaning up, as the day was done, one more family drove up in a taxicab. They carried a man in on their arms, put him down in a plastic chair, and asked if they were too late. This time, they were too late and we told the family we were sorry but couldn’t help. Still, they pleaded if we could not do something, please. Well, one of the Wheels for the World therapists working in another part of the room went back into the storage area one more time but all he could find was a wheelchair with no legs – no foot pedals or leg supports. He wheeled it out and that's when everyone’s jaw dropped. Why? Because the man had no legs – he was a double amputee. Talk about a miracle of provision! That chair had obviously been pushed aside all day long – that is, until it was really needed – a chair with no foot rests perfectly fit a guy with no legs. That was the last family for the day and thankfully, God had reserved a chair just for that man! Genesis chapter 22, verse 8 says that God will provide. And He certainly did!

Oh, friend, miracles happen all the time on our Wheels for the World trips and I'm happy to report that another Wheels team is delivering wheelchairs and Bibles right now in the Dominican Republic—so would you please pray for the many disabled people who will open their hearts to Christ for the first time? Please pray that these disabled people will come to know Jesus because wheelchairs are one thing, but the real miracle is salvation in Christ. And, hey, if you would like to see a Wheels for the World outreach in action, I’ve posted a great video today on my radio page at joniandfriendsradio.org. Thank you for praying for the people receiving wheelchairs in the Dominican Republic this week. Thanks for being part of the miracle to make it happen! And do make sure you ask for a Wheels for the World brochure. Give it to a physical therapist you know who might consider going on a trip with us.

© Joni and Friends

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