The Joni and Friends International Disability Center

  • Jan. 2, 2007
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Joni shares about Joni and Friends' move to the new International Disability Center in Agoura Hills.

Something pretty exciting is happening this weekend – we are moving. No, not Ken and me, but Joni and Friends. We are packing up our boxes and files, computers and resources, and we are heading one exit down the freeway to our new location here in Agoura Hills, California. For well over 25 years our ministry has been renting office space in Agoura Hills; but now, we will have a permanent new home – the Joni and Friends International Disability Center. It's brand new and it's so beautiful, sitting right at the base of the coastal mountains overlooking Agoura Hills. I can't wait to unpack my things and set up my new desk. 

We started building this new International Disability Center a year ago, and if any Bible verse has guided us during construction, it's been Psalm 127:1 where it says, "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain." I'll tell you what, friends, the Lord has built this house; He has built this Center. I know because God is the one who has provided all the funds, all of them. And God is the one who has provided all the prayer support, too – folks have prayed us through every phase of construction, we have been praying for the plumbers and the brick layers... we've even given Joni books to them... we have shared Christ with the guys on the crew. Our builders haven't labored in vain – they have put a roof over our ministry which is dedicated to reaching people with disabilities everywhere with the good news of Jesus.

Ken and I were up at the building the other day praying in the parking lot and just looking up at this new big building – and we were thinking of the thousands of disabled people who will be reached with the good news. We prayed committing every square foot, every square inch of this new disability center to be used to fan the flames of the Gospel far and wide. 

Ken wheeled me into the foyer of the building – the painters are just putting on the final touches – and we sang a hymn right there inside the large lobby. I tell you it was so wonderful to hear our songs of praise echo against the walls... there's a chapel right in the center of the lobby and a ramp going around the chapel all the way up to the second floor. When people walk into this new center, we want them to be struck with the fact that Christ is our focus and that access to Him is also what we are all about.

So I invite you – if you're a disabled person, we'd love to have you and your family drop by to see us this year. We want you to see that this new Joni and Friends International Disability Center is your stake in the ground... it is your home, your destination... a place where we want to provide ministry and resources to your church. The Lord has built this house... so come visit this house, and enjoy seeing what the Lord is doing at Joni and Friends. 

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