Interview with Tatiana

  • March 6, 2014
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Joni’s radio messages are now in Spanish! Listen to this interview for more information on what’s new at Joni and Friends.

Interview with Tatiana

Joni: Mi nombre es Joni Eareckson Tada y bienvenidos a «Joni and Friends» (Spanish for: Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and welcome to “Joni and Friends”). Okay, how’s my high school Spanish? Wow! I can’t believe I did that but I was inspired because today in studio I have my good friend and co-worker in the Radio Department, Tatiana Sosa. Good to see you, Tati.

Tatiana: It’s good to be here, Joni and that was great Spanish by the way.

Joni: Was it really?

Tatiana: Yes!

Joni: How was my accent?

Tatiana: Perfect!

Joni: That is because I’ve been hanging around you. And there is a special reason we are talking about Spanish today here on “Joni and Friends,” right, Tati?

Tatiana: That’s right!

Joni: Absolutely! We have been doing these radio programs for what, like 30 some -odd years. Can you believe it? I can’t believe I’m that old. But it’s about time that we break into Spanish countries, right?

Tatiana: That’s right – with Spanish radio.

Joni: And what is so cool about that is it’s part of the strategy when we take wheelchairs into places like Peru or Cuba or Honduras or Guatemala or any other Spanish speaking country. It means that we can follow it up with good words from God’s word in Spanish radio.

Tatiana: … And encouraging words from you.

Joni: Thank you, and we record those “Joni and Friends” radio programs in Spanish at our International Disabilities Center, but I’m not the one who does the Spanish, right Tati?

Tatiana: No.

Joni: You are the one and let’s hear just a little bit of your introduction of “Joni and Friends”, let’s see how you do it.

Tatiana: Hola, soy Joni Eareckson Tada.

Joni: You sound pretty good as me! But I’m very happy for you to be the Spanish voice of Joni on Spanish radio.

Tatiana: Oh, it’s a pleasure and an honor for me.

Joni: Now, you are from El Salvador.

Tatiana: That’s right. My parents are from El Salvador.

Joni: But you were born in America.

Tatiana: Yes, I was.

Joni: And you went to school not far from the headquarters of our ministry, right?

Tatiana: That’s right. I went to school at Pepperdine and while I was there, I volunteered in Honduras for three weeks, and during that time I got to read one of your books, “The God I Love.” And that is when I started learning about not only disability ministry, but what was God’s purpose in the midst of pain – especially as I saw people in that clinic.

Joni: Well, when you then applied for a job at “Joni and Friends” your gifts, your skills, plus your experience there in Honduras no doubt prepared you for this kind of ministry of encouragement to people who speak Spanish, right?

Tatiana: Oh, yes. Absolutely!

Joni: Now, our strategy is to take the Spanish version of “Joni and Friends” to countries like El Salvador, correct? And there on radio stations in those countries will be able to share good words from God’s Word, right?

Tatiana: That’s right. People can hear it in their language and understand it, and then be able to take that word and share it with others.

Joni: And what I love about working with you, Tati, is that you’re young!

I love that, and as a young person you have brought to the ministry a culture that focuses on the gifts and talents and needs of young people. And we have something pretty special happening for young people, don’t we this month?

Tatiana: We do. This month of March “Joni and Friends” has a Pinterest memory board. That is in celebration of 35 years of ministry.

Joni: And what do people have to do to take part in the Pinterest memory board?

Tatiana: So if anyone has any photos, maybe from their first Family Retreat, or that one time they went with a couple of fellow college students to a Wheels for the World trip they can put those (pin those) to Pinterest and share them for everyone to see.

Joni: Or those of you listening, perhaps you heard me speak in the early 80’s or in the 90’s and you have a photograph of that and you would like to share it with us. It’s all in celebration of 35 years of Joni and Friends, so send those photographs via Pinterest, correct?

Tatiana: That’s right!

Joni: And people can view all the different photographs and rejoice with us in God’s goodness to us, through us to some of these special needs families around the world through “Joni and Friends.”

Tatiana: Oh, it sound like fun!

Joni: Tatiana, gracias por su ayuda en Joni and Friends (Spanish for: Tatiana, thank you for your help in Joni and Friends).

Tatiana: Es un gusto. It’s a pleasure.

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