Heart for the Disabled #2: Desiray and Sons

  • Jan. 9, 2018
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Desiray is a single mom to five boys with autism. Encourage Desiray and her boys by mailing a notecard or gift this Valentine's Day!

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and it’s “Heart for the Disabled” week!

Here at Joni and Friends we are asking you to help make this upcoming Valentine’s Day extraordinary for a special-needs family by writing a note of encouragement. Because I tell you, Christian encouragement is what is desperately needed in the lives of Desiray and her five boys, most of whom have varying disabilities. When Desiray came to Family Retreat, she was exhausted. She told us that her husband (who struggled with bi-polar disorder) left her and the boys three-and-a-half years ago. He was just too overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising so many children with physical and emotional disorders. And so, he left—the divorce came through over a year ago.

Desiray shared that after her husband abandoned the family, she could no longer take her children to church events because she just couldn’t manage five boys with so many disabling conditions. The child care workers would often send Sebastian, the 6-year-old, home because he was just too much to deal with. Desiray experienced one rejection after another, and she was certain when she came to Family Retreat, that the whole family would be told to leave after a while. But our Family Retreat team embraced Desiray and her children: Malachi who is 11, Eden who is 9, Sebastian who is 6 with ADHD and bi-polar disorder, Kington who is 5 and has the same disorders as Sebastian, and finally Zoran who doesn’t have a disability. For all these kids and Desiray, Family Retreat was such a blessing.

Desiray is able to work while she raises her children – don’t ask me how she does it; that’s the biggest miracle of all about this woman. But she is firmly committed to Christ and to holding her family together, no matter what the challenges. Desiray struggles to keep up with all the disability routines. True, she needs help, but most of all, she needs to know she is not alone; that there are other Christians who care. That the Word of Jesus Christ is good when Jesus says ‘I will never leave you, I will never forsake you. I have engraved you on the palm of my hand. And I am your ever-present help in trouble.’ Oh friend, would you please remind Desiray of those powerful words?

Would you join me in writing a note to her and if you feel led, include Malachi, Eden, Sebastian, Kington and Zoran? Share a favorite scripture about God holding their future in His hands. Or send a special poem, or the words to a hymn. How about a gift card to McDonald’s? The most important thing is to show that you care. Offer simple Christ-centered encouragement expressed any way you wish, I know that Desiray and her children would appreciate your card or note so very much. Just send your note to Desiray at Joni and Friends, Post Office Box 3333, Agoura Hills, California 91376. And if you would like the spelling of the boy’s names just go to our radio page at joniandfriends.org. And send your card right away so it arrives in time for us to bundle it up with all the other letters to mail to this family. And if you’ve missed any details, I’ve posted their story and their photo at joniandfriends.org/radio. So write today and be a blessing to Desiray and her children. As you do, I thank you from the bottom of my heart; I thank you for having a “Heart for the Disabled.” God bless you from all of us at Joni and Friends. And may God bless Desiray and her five boys.

Oh, and by the way, if you have a prayer request, let me know on our radio page at joniandfriends.org and our Joni and Friends staff will lift up your need before the Lord.

© Joni and Friends

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