Trials or Temptations

  • March 8, 2018
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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a trial and temptation? 

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada. And have you ever wondered what the difference is between a trial and temptation? A trial is a test God puts before us to prove our faith and produce perseverance. Trials are something we can face with joy. But there's nothing joyful about temptation. In fact, unlike trials, God does not even place temptations in our path. So how are trials and temptations related? Well, when we fail a God-given trial, when, that is, we resist the grace He gives to persevere and obey, we miss the God-given opportunity to have our faith refined. At that point, a failed trial can turn into a temptation when we are enticed to seek our own desires or grumble or complain. God never intends for trials to turn into temptations. He promises to give accompanying grace for any test of your faith. So, remember that today, friend, in whatever trials you may face. It doesn’t have to be temptation.

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