Public Policy

The Public Policy Center brings together theologians, ethicists, educators, doctors, and attorneys to discuss disability-related issues and to present a clear, reasonable, and biblically-based perspective on hotly debated topics such as bioethics, sanctity of life, eugenics, euthanasia, prenatal genetic testing, abortion, and more. 

Beyond Suffering


Preparing church leaders and students to evangelize and disciple people affected by disability. Online certificate programs and coursework offered at universities and seminaries around the world are designed to equip a new generation of leaders for effective disability ministry.

Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability


The Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability offers a unique platform for discussions at the intersection of Christian faith and disability, presenting papers that interact with themes like theology, philosophy, law, disability studies, special education, human services, and ministry.

Global Access Association


Connect to a worldwide network of Christ followers who are responding to the biblical call to accelerate Christian ministry in the disability community, and access practical resources for encouragement, education, and equipping church and community integration and inclusion.