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The Power of ‘Heart for the Disabled’

As a husband, I do not rejoice at the site of tears flowing down my wife’s cheeks; that is, unless they are tears of joy. As I turned the corner of our small two bedroom house in California, there she sat on the floor. Box torn open, with cards, letters and small gifts piled in her lap. Tears were flowing down her beautiful cheeks and onto her smiling lips. Tears of joy. “We are not alone. Look at the people thinking of us, praying for us…” and one by one, like a hundred valentine cards from God, she read and pondered each note, each thought, each well-wish and each prayer. For a moment, she did not feel alone. She was not isolated as usual, with only medical diagnosis and therapist notes to comfort her pain regarding our son’s severe disabilities. No, in this moment, at this time, she was surrounded by a hundred pair of arms, embracing her and reaching through these notes of encouragement to say, “You are not alone.”

That’s the power of Heart for the Disabled. Five minutes of time given by those who care enough to write a note, send a prayer and brighten a day. Five minutes for those who give, but a lifetime of impact for those who receive. Our Heart for the Disabled package came our way from Joni and Friends nearly fifteen years ago – and yet, here I sit, telling you about its impact still felt these many years later.

What five minutes of time will you give to someone today that will have a lifetime of impact? Take it from a husband who rejoiced at his wife’s tears. You can bring tears of joy to a family affected by disability – through a stroke of a pen, a word of encouragement and a prayer of hope – giving five minutes of your time.

You can encourage a family impacted by disability this Valentine’s Day! Meet our 5 families, then send in a note, Bible verse, or poem to Joni and Friends. We will bundle up all of the cards and deliver them in time for Valentine’s Day!

Send your personalized valentines to Joni and Friends, P.O. Box 3333 Agoura Hills, CA 91376

Author Bio: Steve Bundy is a published author and is responsible for the execution of Joni and Friends programs around the world as well as spiritual encouragement for ministry staff. Steve and his wife Melissa know firsthand the joys and challenges of parenting a child with special needs, as their own son, Caleb, was born with muscular dystrophy and autism.