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Out of Shape

I used to love to go horseback riding. Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and I remember asking my horse Augie to keep up a steady gallop as we would jump over fences and hurdles. After summer was over, I would put Augie out to pasture. A month or so later when I saddled him up, he was wheezing after only five jumps — it was obvious my horse was out of training! And occasionally think of Augie when I come up against a trial or temptation for which I seem to have no resources. When that happens, I know I have not been praying and reading my Bible regularly. I’m out of training! Maybe that happens to you — a trial hits and you wonder why you lack faith; well, just like my horse, you can’t expect to overcome hurdles if you’re out of training. I Timothy 4 says, train yourself to be godly, so today, do not ignore prayer and Bible reading. Stay in training so you can overcome.


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