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Joni and Friends Blog

Our Kids’ Corner Launches This Week!

Joel 1:4 says, “Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.” No doubt about it, the Bible insists we tell the Good News of Jesus to the children in our lives. It’s why I asked the team at Joni and Friends to help me create a special Kids’ Corner on our website – there are a ton of boys and girls out there we can reach (like the way my little friend Ashlie is reaching out to her buddy, Darcy). Our new Kids’ Corner is launching June 1 and it’s filled with games, puzzles, prizes, music, crafts, posters and pictures… most of all, our goal is to help young people see that Jesus Christ is their Very Best Friend! I’d be delighted to reach the heart of your child (or grandchild) with the love of our wonderful Savior – so the next time you visit our website, welcome your favorite boy or girl up on your lap (or have them wheel close in their wheelchair) and introduce them to our Kids’ Corner. You’ll be introducing them to a world of surprising fun and soul-stirring faith in our good and gracious God!