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Nothing I Love More

“We fell in love with everything we saw and the meaning behind everything that had to do with disability ministry, so we signed up immediately to volunteer.

We always pray on the way here. We ask that, besides being blessed, that everyone be blessed by our presence and that anybody that receives anything that we’ve touched be blessed.

What I love about serving at Joni and Friends is Shelby’s enthusiasm first of all, with “Good morning! It’s Joni day!” and that just gets me out of bed and rolling.” -Auggy Donlon

Shelby and Auggy are a powerful duet here at Joni and Friends and we are indeed blessed by their presence at our HQ. Our volunteers are the hands and feet of this ministry and play a powerful role in advancing ministry in the disability community.

If you have ever volunteered with Joni and Friends one of our office locations or on a ministry outreach, thank you! We appreciate you more than you know. If you have never volunteered with Joni and Friends but have felt the pull to get involved, please reach out to us and learn how you can join in serving today!


Volunteer with UsVolunteer!

There are many ways that you can volunteer with Joni and Friends. If you have a desire to serve here at the Joni and Friends Headquarters or at your local Joni and Friends Area Ministry, learn how you can get involved and make a difference today!

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