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Disability Etiquette (Part 1) – How to build genuine friendships with people impacted by disability

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Do you have questions about disability etiquette? You may have heard the “do’s and don’ts” of communication and interaction, but is that what someone with a disability is really looking for? In part 1 of our Crystal’s conversation about disability etiquette, she talks with her friends Tracey Motoda and Scott Bankhead, both wheelchair users with physical disabilities.

They share personal experiences – what has been helpful and what has been hurtful – as well as ways to identify and remove the barriers and misunderstandings about having a relationship with someone who has a disability. Learn how you can build genuine friendships with people impacted by disability in your community.

About Our Host

Crystal Keating has been part of Joni and Friends for 5 years helping Joni Eareckson Tada answer thousands of calls, letters, and messages about disability, chronic illness, and holding fast to the hope we have in Christ through life’s greatest hardships. She is also a graduate student studying marriage and family counseling.

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