Retreats & Getaways

“If you want to experience joy, you’ve got to come to Family Retreat. It’s an amazing gift.”

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Retreats & Getaways

“If you want to experience joy, you’ve got to come to Family Retreat. It’s an amazing gift.”

A Little Slice of Heaven...

Family Retreats offer a safe and accepting Christ-centered environment for individuals affected by disability and their families making it a little slice of heaven for everyone! At Family Retreat, families are cared for, encouraged, and rejuvenated in an accessible camp environment. Each Family Retreat provides inclusive worship, Bible-based teaching, age-appropriate fun activities, and cultivates meaningful connections with other families. A loving and trained volunteer will attend activities with each camper while parents and caregivers attend programming worry free! Each Family Retreat is packed with exciting adventures for the whole family.

Types of Retreats and Getaways

Joni and Friends has several different types of retreats and getaways to meet the different needs of families.
Learn more about each type of retreat and getaway.

Information for Families

Info For Families

What is Family Retreat?

The Family Retreat program specifically focuses on families, whether they are intact, blended, or single-parent families. We value each person as created in the image of God and worthy of dignity and respect. To accomplish our objectives, we strive to create an environment at each Family Retreat that is Christ-centered and consistent with biblical values that reinforce the family unit.

Application and Pricing

The success of a Family Retreat depends heavily on the carefully nurtured, Christian community that allows families to feel blessed and supported. For this reason, Joni and Friends reserves the right to accept families and/or assign accommodations based on our ability to meet the needs of all families in a safe Christian environment. Thank you for understanding in helping us preserve the community of Family Retreat.

Information for Volunteers

What to expect as a Volunteer

Application Pricing Retreats Getaways

Application and Pricing

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Please contact your Retreat Director or the Family Retreat Department at or 818-707-5664.