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Memorial Day is Very Precious to Us…

That’s because we serve so many military families who have either lost loved ones in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, or have had a family member return from tour of duty bearing significant wounds of conflict. Joni and Friends’ Wounded Warrior Getaways have been acclaimed by top chaplain offices in the Armed Forces, and the outreach continues to grow – our next Getaway for disabled American servicemen and women and their families is filling up (it’s in September and, yes, volunteers are needed)! Join us in praying for the Gospel to bear fruit among our brave men and women in the military (here’s a snapshot of Joni speaking to 35 Army chaplains heading out for Iraq and Afghanistan). If you know of a wounded warrior and his family who would enjoy our Getaway, let us know. Or if you are a warrior, tell us about your recent tour of duty – just post the details below.