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Making the Gospel Accessible

“All people can and should learn the Scriptures. The Bible matters to everybody. We owe it to our friends, no matter what the disability, to open up the Word of God for them and help them be able to receive it.” –Gina Spivey

This week on the podcast Crystal has invited Carrie Jones, a special education teacher, and Gina Spivey, a special needs pastor, to talk through ways we can make the gospel accessible to everyone. With a passion to help kids of all abilities engage and participate in the body of Christ, they are working to remove any barriers that might hinder a child with special needs from learning the Bible. Listen as Carrie and Gina share ways that you can be proactive in the classroom or at an event so that all kids are loved and successful at learning God’s Word. You won’t want to miss their example of how to encourage children with limited language abilities to memorize Scripture!

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Pathways to Belonging

Church leaders with a heart to serve families affected by disability frequently ask, “How do I know the best way to include each special friend when their needs vary?” This book is a response to that question, offering step-by-step tools for evaluating the needs of friends with disabilities and creating a culture that welcomes these individuals and their families.

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