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Louie’s First Wheelchair

It’s the month of May, and you know what that means? May Match has arrived! Some friends of the ministry have agreed to match your gifts—all the way up to $500,000! That means with your support, together, we’ll raise $1,000,000 for the kingdom!  

You can transform lives like Louie Pierre Oujee, a little five-year-old boy from Haiti dreaming about being an economist! Louie had a hard time imagining his dreams coming true when the only way to move around was pushing himself up with his hands. He needed a wheelchair as he continued to grow to stay in school.

“I love my wheelchair—thank you! I will show my friends at school.” -Louie

After Louie was fitted into his first ever brand-new wheelchair that you sent, a big beautiful smile spread across his face! Your generosity and prayers gave Louie joy and a new life in Jesus! At our Wheels for the World outreach, Louie received the Joni book in his language and a Bible filled with God’s truth and promises!

May Match: Your Gift Multiplied

Please consider giving to Joni and Friends this month. Your prayers and gifts really do change lives! Join us in transforming the lives of individuals and families impacted by disability across the globe.

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