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When I think of my friend, David Francisco, I’m reminded of a lion. He’s got an incredible story and an unshakable courage. Three years ago, on April 27th, 2016, David’s life was forever changed. He was riding his bike when a distracted driver ran a red light at a busy intersection. David was hit, slammed into the windshield and went flying. He suffered a severe spinal cord injury from the impact of the pavement and woke up paralyzed. 

David went through intense physical therapy over the next year to regain any possible mobility. I’ve been keeping up with his journey and pursuit of a music career… I was rooting for him during his American Idol appearance! He’s been making strides in his recovery, and when he came to visit recently, my heart leapt with joy at the sight of him walking toward me unassisted!

Even now, his music continues to bring so much light into the world! He’s released a new song called LIONHEART and I know this song will bless your soul when you hear it! I had the honor of hearing straight from him during his recent visit and, oh, it brought me to tears! 

To celebrate all that David has accomplished during his recovery over the past three years, he’s been telling the stories of 30 other lionhearts, people who exemplify that lionheart spirit, and I was so honored to share with him. So, please go watch our time together and download his new song LIONHEART. Once you listenyou’ll know just how much of a LIONHEART David is! 

Hear more from David and his wife, Kristi, on the Joni and Friends Ministry Podcast!

David Francisco – LIONHEART

Watch Davids visit to the Joni and Friends Headquarters and other amazing stories of people with the lionheart spirit. You can also download his new song!

Hear David’s New Song