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Joslinda’s Hope

Joslinda was born without any disability, but four years ago, she had an accident that affected her knees and walking, and ever since then, she experiences pain in her legs. Her father, Joslin, brought her to our wheelchair distribution in Haiti with the hopes of getting a wheelchair for his daughter. 

“I love my wheelchair. Thank you very much for my wheelchair that you gave me!” -Joslinda

Your prayers and generosity provided a wheelchair and a Bible for JoslindaYour support restored hope in the heart of a father as our Wheels for the World physical therapist assessed Joslinda’s needs, then tenderly lifted her into her first wheelchair. 

Joslinda’s father shared, “Joslinda goes to school, but I have to carry her to school every day. She can go to school in her wheelchair now, and I don’t have to carry her to and from school.

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