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Joni and Ken: A Love Story

joni and ken with zondervanYep, you heard it here first. The folks at Zondervan Publishing really, really want Ken and me to write a book together and to call it Joni and Ken: A Love Story. It’ll be the first time Ken and I have ever written anything together; we would share how God used my struggle against breast cancer to deepen our intimacy with Him and with each other (we sure learned some tough, demanding lessons). The Zondervan leadership (bookending Ken and me in the photo) asked us, “Why do you want to write this book?” and the answer was simple: wedding vows are under a vicious attack today, and we want to help married couples grasp the sufficiency of Christ “in sickness and in health” and “for better or for worse.” Ken and I are going to pull out our ‘cancer journal’ when we get home and start writing up a storm – would you please pray for us? I’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts on this via my blog. By the way, if you’re interested in my husband’s perspective on things, check out the TV episode that Joni and Friends produced on our life together!