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Join the Celebration!

This year marks a big milestone for me. I am turning 70 and I can hardly believe it! With every year, I get even more passionate about reaching people with disabilities for Christ. So, this year I’m donating my birthday to Joni and Friends! 

 I’m looking for 70 friends, or better yet 700 friends, to donate $70 dollars each to Joni and Friends to serve more people living with disabilities worldwide! Follow the link to my personal birthday donation page to send the love of Jesus around the world! 

Want to join in on the celebration? You can donate your birthday too! Simply follow the three-step process and extend your challenge to your friends today! God bless you for your generosity and Happy Birthday!

Celebrate With Us!

Donate your birthday to fundraise for Joni and Friends! Celebrate with us by starting a campaign now or pledging your birthday. You can use your birthday to share the hope of the Gospel and practical care with people impacted by disability around the world!

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