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Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and I enjoy a true esprit de’ corps with a couple friends who suffer and suffer well. One lives in intractable pain, another is a long-time wheelchair user, and the others are virtually bed-ridden. Why is our fellowship so close and intimate? Well, nothing knits the souls of people together like partnership in danger, or fellowship in sorrow. When one person shares his sorrow with another, it is proof of their intimacy. J.D. Jones has said, “maybe on the outside world we have a stiff upper lip and wear an air of indifference, but to our friends, we show our hearts. And our hearts are never more bonded together than when we share our sorrows.” Friend, that’s what Jesus did with you. He has shared His sorrows with you and shown you His heart on CalvarySo, today would you celebrate the hard, hard ties that bind you together with your precious Savior, Jesus.


No Stranger to Suffering

I first experienced Elisabeth Elliot’s writing in 1965 when I was in high school and read her book Through the Gates of Splendor. I had no idea that after graduation, during the recovery from my diving accident, I would experience those same dark valleys about which she wrote.  When I finally met Elisabeth nearly a decade into my quadriplegia, I could hardly believe I was sharing the same space…

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