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International Disability Center

Since 1979, Joni and Friends’ International Disability Center has been dedicated to extending the love and message of Christ to people who are affected by disability, their family members, and their friends. The ministry’s objective is to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people and families affected by disability in a practical way.

Across the country and around the world, Joni and Friends is responding to the Luke 14 mandate to draw people affected by disability into His kingdom. Joni and Friends is about advancing disability ministry… by serving individuals and families, and by equipping churches and communities as well. Joni and Friends ministry teams are committed to accelerating Christian outreach among families affected by disability in every corner of the globe.

The job of caretaking is 24/7, with no relief. The pressures facing special-needs families can be devastating. Medical and economic challenges press down hard. Isolation and exhaustion bring discouragement and hopelessness. Families affected by disability desperately need God’s grace and power in the midst of their own weakness, and Joni and Friends is pointing the way to Christ.

With more than three decades of ministry in this field, Joni and Friends knows that people with disabilities are one of the least evangelized groups in the world. Joni and Friends presents the clear and concise Gospel of Christ to each person served, introduces them to a local pastor, and encourages them to become a part of a church family.

Joni and Friends Vision Statement: To accelerate Christian ministry in the disability community.

Joni and Friends Mission Statement: To communicate the Gospel and equip Christ honoring Churches worldwide to evangelize and disciple people affected by disabilities.

The Four Things We Do:

  1. Evangelize people affected by disabilities and their families
  2. Train, disciple, and mentor people affected by disabilities
  3. Multiply disability effective churches
  4. Promote a biblical worldview on disability through education and policy