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How to Heal from Disabling Trauma and PTSD

“If anxiety, fear, or trauma is part of your experience, the book you want to become familiar with is the Bible. The Bible is all about how God’s redemptive purposes enter into our suffering through his Son who experiences trauma and suffering on our behalf for the purpose of healing.”

Dr. Tim Lane, who recently spoke about how to make changes that last is returning to the podcast to discuss post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD. Often associated with servicemen and women who live with distressing memories from combat experience, PTSD can actually occur in any person at any age.  

As an experienced counselor and the Founder of the Institute for Pastoral Care, Dr. Lane explains that many people are affected by trauma, but we all respond to disturbing events and the associated shame in different ways.

Whether you face disabling memories from combat, abuse, health problems, or a traumatic accident, you are not alone. Christ, who himself suffered intensely, is with you. Be encouraged as Dr. Lane compassionately shares some of the keys to beginning the healing process and how that process looks over time. And if you know someone struggling with PTSD, learn how you can help create a safe community and come alongside them in the gradual process of restoration.

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