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Welcome to my corner! Every week on my Diamonds in the Dust video series I am highlighting a special lesson from God's Word that has helped me live in my wheelchair for more than five decades...with a smile! As Joni and Friends celebrates 40 years of ministry, it’s my heart’s desire is to pass along these shortyet deep little lessons in hopes that the insights will inspire you to follow Jesus willingly and gladly down whatever road is ahead.

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One of the best things about Joni and Friends is the "and Friends." That's you! Over the past 40 years of ministry, we’ve built a marvelous network of servants and leaders from around the world who desire to share the hope of Christ to a skeptical world. When we share our hearts, burdens are lifted and joy is multiplied – thank you for telling me about the Lord's work in your life! Some of what you share may end up being a part of one of our radio programs. Thank you for encouraging me and others with your story!