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God’s Hand on His Shoulder

Joni with Barb and Pat McBridePainting which inspires Pat: Jesus' had on the sailor's shoulder

A few days ago, Pat McBride and his wife, Barb, came by the IDC for a visit. Pat, a commercial fisherman, broke his neck in an accident three years ago. He was quick to tell me that it feels good when people rest their hand on his shoulder. “It’s the only place I can feel,” he told me. After our visit, Pat sent me a photo of this painting of Jesus which, for years, has inspired him. “I have always pictured myself in this painting,” he said, “and look where Jesus has his hand!” Pat’s story reminds me of Psalm 119:173, “May your hand be ready to help me, for I have chosen your precepts.” Pray for Pat – he’s undergoing experimental treatment for his spinal cord injury at UCLA.