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God’s Timetable

Welcome to “Joni and Friends;” I’m your host, Joni Eareckson Tada. 

As I always say, it means a lot to me that we can enjoy these couple of minutes together, cause it’s my hope, it’s my prayer that there might be something, be it ever so small, something from God’s Word that I‘ll say that will either bolster your spirits, or answer a question, or guide you deeper into your day with a confidence in God’s design. In fact, it is this thing about “design” that I want to talk about.  

You see, the other day I was reading in the Gospel of Mark, the part describing the last day of Jesus’ earthly life that included His civil trial, His crucifixion, and burial. Now it struck me that, unwittingly, God’s enemies fulfilled prophecy to the letter. Even Pilate, with all the might of Rome behind him, even he could not prevent the crucifixion. Then there were the mocking soldiers – when they hailed Him as King of the Jews, little did they realize when they did that they were telling the truth. Every moment, even the time of day — everything was ticking off according to God’s sovereign timetable, and all the details in Isaiah 53 were fulfilled, the same thing with the 22nd Psalm. Not one tiny element, not one word dared to try to step outside the sovereign will of God. And I know – I just know – you’d never disagree with that. You know it’s all true, right? I know it’s true. 

Then tell me this, why can’t you and I trust Him with our schedules? Why do we work 70 hours a weeknever take a day off? This is question that haunts me, every time I look at my schedule or prepare for a trip or work on a book or, well… even work on these radio programs. I happily trust the Lord with my wheelchaireven my health. I’m sure you entrust to the Lord your children and grandchildren. But when it comes to things we do in ministry – maybe we lead the outreach committee at church, or the choir, lead the youth group, or a small group Bible study, and we think to ourselves that God just could not get it done without us. 

Let me give you an example. Two nights ago I took my laptop home from work thinking that once I had finished dinner, I’d go online and catch up on emails since I had been traveling for the past few days. Well, my friend dropped me off at my house and Ken came outside to help me, and I asked him to reach in the front seat to get my laptop. He gave me the funniest look and said, “What do you need that thing for? I mean, Joni, you’ve been at it all day. Why bring it home with you? Come on, relax; besides, isn’t tonight that great program on the National Geographic Channel you wanted to see?” I sat there for a long moment and looked at him, and then you know what? I did not contest Ken one bit. I said, “Ken, you are absolutely right.” And so, we left the laptop in the van for me to take back to work the next morning. 

Isaiah 30 talks about people like you and me where it simply says, “This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: ‘In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.’” There you have it, friend. And I love the way the Lord calls himself “sovereign” in that verse! Before He tells us to rest, He inasmuch says, “Don’t worry; don’t be concerned; chill out. When it comes to your schedule, I am sovereign; I hold the days, I hold your hours and minutes in my hand.” Wow, do love that about the Lord. And you want to know what happened the other night? I fell asleep during thNational Geographic special on TV! So, today friend, remember that when it comes to your schedule, don’t forget to pencil in rest,” don’t forget to ink in quietness. And as you do, itll be a way of trusting in our sovereign Savior, because therein lies your strength! Let me hear from you today at 

Previously aired on 7/15/10 as program #7359 
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