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Go into the Country

Go into the country and invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind to the banquet…” Hi, I’m Joni EarecksoTada. And that verse from Luke 14 reminds me of a trip to Peru with our Wheels for the World outreach where we delivered wheelchairs and Bibles to those in need. Halfway through the day the mayor of the village heard that we were giving away really good wheelchairs and he came to see it for himself. He watched as our physical therapists talked to the villagers and personally fit them with a custom wheelchair. And, the mayor was blown away. Then when he and all the families gathered, we shared the plan of salvation with everybody. And that day almost everyone in the village heard the good news of Christ.

Friend, if you’d like to join us in inviting those with disabilities into the Kingdom of Christ, then consider serving on a Wheels for the World outreach. Get all the details at

Providing the Gift of Mobility

A person with limited mobility is tragically often excluded from life in their community because they have no way of moving around. But the gift of a wheelchair literally lifts someone from the dirt to a seat of dignity and opportunity.

Wheels for the World provides the gift of mobility along with the hope of the Gospel to people impacted by disability around the world.