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You Can Help Solve the Global Mobility Crisis Right from Your Community

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More than 70 million people around the world are in need of a wheelchair, but only 10% have access to one.* During March, Joni and Friends is celebrating Wheelchair Collection Month to bring awareness to this need and help solve the global mobility crisis.

Today, Crystal Keating talks with Elizabeth Kelly who oversees wheelchair collection for the Joni and Friends Wheels for the World program. Elizabeth shares how God redeems thousands of broken and discarded wheelchairs every year, turning them into a beautiful gift for people in desperate need around the world.

And you can get involved – hear how you can help recycle and redeem wheelchairs right in your community. Whether you help by spreading the word, donating a wheelchair, or collecting used wheelchairs in your community, you can make a global impact!

*Statistic from the World Health Organization

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Wheelchair Collection Month

Do you have a wheelchair that’s no longer needed? Donate it to Joni and Friends! A gift of a wheelchair literally lifts someone out of the dirt and into a seat of dignity and opportunity!

Find a local wheelchair drive in your area today.

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