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From Aiden and Mya’s Dad 

Matthew with his familyAiden playing basketball in the pool
“Men like me work and do our jobs. They don’t talk about what’s going on in their lives. But at Family Retreat, Bible study and small groups with other men give dads a chance to bond. We let down our guard. We talk about what good things having a child with a disability brings out. We so easily forget the positives because we live with constant therapies, doctor’s appointments and the hard work it takes to pay for all these things. It doesn’t end. When we get to Family Retreat, we’re wiped out. But as soon as we get here, we let it all go. “As a dad, I know my children are loved at Family Retreat like Jesus loves them – unconditionally. So, for a few hours I can focus on my walk with Christ, who I am and what I’m doing as a father. Being a dad isn’t the easiest thing. I learn to love even more here at Family Retreat.” Matthew, Aiden and Mya’s dad