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Joni and Friends Blog

Family Retreat Reflections

Jeremy climbing the wall with his dad's supportAgain this year, you’ve sent hundreds of families to Family Retreat. Listen as the Kim family shares their experience: “Family Retreat was indescribable! How do you convey God’s glory in human words? The first day, as we drove over the bridge into Family Retreat, a startling sight greeted us: about thirty Short Term Missionaries cheering wildly and waving handmade signs with our names on them. “Stunned, I rolled down the window, and three eager STMs stuck their heads in. ‘You must be the Kims! Which one is Jeremy? Which one is Justin? We’re SO excited you’re here!’ Our kids don’t get that kind of greeting often – especially Jeremy, who has autism. More often it’s, ‘Uh-oh. Put away the breakables. He’s here.’ “Enter the first wave of tears, the first of many throughout the week of Family Retreat. We arrived physically tired and emotionally fatigued. But at Family Retreat, we were overwhelmed by God’s love and His rest. Our family entered His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts. We entered His courts with praise. This is the week that the Lord has made. We rejoice, for He has made us glad!”