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Finding New Purpose After My Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Diagnosis

“God wastes nothing, even disability. He has a purpose for you right where you are.”

After receiving her EMT certification, Cady Bell was on the path to becoming a doctor to use her skills in service overseas. But when she began experiencing severe pain, seizures, stomach issues, and fainting, her life’s plan dramatically changed. As Cady searched for the cause of her symptoms, her intensifying health challenges forced her to drop out of school and quit her job.

On the Joni and Friends Ministry Podcast, Cady is sharing her journey to finding a diagnosis for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a rare connective tissue disorder that affects mobility and strength. This invisible disability that has no cure has brought physical and emotional ups and downs, but has also beautifully deepened her relationship with God—something she wouldn’t trade for perfect health. Hear how EDS helped Cady discover new joy and purpose and how she’s using her struggles to reach other women who might feel hopeless in their hardships.

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Doing Life Together

This minibook from Joni and Friends offers practical tools for churches and individuals to help meet real needs, build community, and remove some of the isolation that families living with disability often experience.